Professional, experienced and skilled
Orion Alpha, established in 2004, provides highly professional IT integration services. Our experts have been providing services to large corporations and high-tech companies around the world for various information-technology projects over more than two decades. We, at Orion Alpha believe that everything is personal and that a projectís success relies to a large extent on the people who do the work, their skills and experience. Our main advantage is the unique combination of our long experienced technical expertise; our exclusive integration project management techniques we developed and excelled at; and our sole customer representation philosophy and practice.


Gill Blumovitz formed Orion Alpha and has been managing its activities. Gill has over twenty five years of practice in IT and high-tech industries, with rich experience in managing and supervising employees and vendors and the ability to drive IT professionals to excel. Working for more than fifteen years with large financial institutions and high-tech companies, he managed and was responsible for the success of complex global projects in networking, internet security and web development in multi-lingual and multi-cultural environments. Gill has the ability to bring an idea to materialization going through all phases starting the initiation, intra-organization marketing, RFP process management - legal and technological, and managing the project with tight schedule until its final implementation. Gill has Professional decision making capabilities aided by extensive technological understanding and knowledge. >>>

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